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Welcome to the Trash Panda Gaming website!  Here is where you can turn your support into in game features! 

About us

We are a Steam&Epic Crossplay PvE cluster with boosted rates driven by a healthy community and a staff with a lot of experience on hosting servers. 

Highlights of the PvE Cluster

Crossplay between Epic and Steam
Privately hosted
Every officially released map by WC is available
3 dedicated hardware servers
Online currency and shop
Custom plugins
Private Maps (accessible via Discord w/ TrashSnacks)
Ticket system

Wipe Details:
1. 01/22/2021
2. 03/14/2022
No planned future wipes, tho will likely restructure to a smaller cluster when Ark 2 releases.


Exp: x2
Harvesting: x2
Taming: x4
Breeding: x6
Loot quality: x1.5
Starting weight value: x2