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Welcome to the Trash Panda Gaming website!  Here is where you can turn your support into in game features! 

About us

We are a Steam&Epic Crossplay PvE cluster with boosted rates driven by a healthy community and a staff with a lot of experience on hosting servers. 

Highlights of the PvE Cluster

Crossplay between Epic and Steam
Privately hosted
Every map is available + 1 Bonus maps
2 dedicated hardware servers
Last wipe 01/22/2021
No planned wipes
Online currency and shop
Custom plugins
Private Supporter Maps
24/7 player support


Exp: x2
Harvesting: x4
Taming: x2
Breeding: x6
Loot quality: x1.5
Starting weight value: x2

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Direct Connect Links

The Island [steam://connect/]

Ragnarok 1 [steam://connect/]

Ragnarok 2 [steam://connect/]

Aberration [steam://connect/]

Extinction [steam://connect/]

Valguero [steam://connect/]

Genesis [steam://connect/]

Genesis 2 [steam://connect/]

Crystal Isles [steam://connect/]

Scorched [steam://connect/]

The Center [steam://connect/]

Member's Rag [Join Discord for link!]

Member's Val [Join Discord for link!]

Member's Ext [Join Discord for link!]

Member's Crystal Isles [Join Discord for link!]

Member's Fjordur [Join Discord for link!]

Members’s Genesis 2 [Join Discord for link!]

TPG Ascension Cluster

Introducing the TPG Ascension cluster, where the goal is to progress through predetermined tiers in order to unlock each map and it’s contents.

Players will start on The Island and unlock new maps by either beating Bosses at varying difficulties or Ascending through the WC Ascension storyline.

Search TPG Ascension in unofficials or begin your quest here [steam://connect/]